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Experience Your Exclusive Private Movie Theater, Complete with Cutting-Edge Technology for Stunning Visuals, Surrounding Audio, Dynamic Lighting, Premium Seating, and Effortless One-Touch Operation.

Professional Installation

The home theater design and installation process is an enjoyable journey, but it demands meticulous attention to detail to guarantee a flawless outcome. Many of our clients prefer involving their interior designers to assist in selecting items like carpets, fabrics, seating, and wall sconces. If you don’t have a designer, worry not! We’ve got you covered. Each private theater or home media room is uniquely tailored based on room specifics, budget considerations, and client objectives by our team of industry experts.


Recreate the captivating theater experience in your own home with a larger-than-life display made achievable through cutting-edge Full HD and native 4K projectors renowned for delivering unmatched color and crystal-clear visuals on properly sized projection screens. Modern technology guarantees exceptional brightness and the highest contrast ratio possible, delivering an unparalleled viewing experience for movies, television, sports, and gaming. The cost of home projectors can vary from $2,000 to well over $75,000, depending on factors such as lenses, light generation, video processing, and build quality.

Speakers / Audio

The magic behind an immersive home theater experience hinges largely on your speaker system. Unlike conventional stereo, which produces two-channel sound in front of you, multi-channel surround sound positions audio not only in front but also behind, to the sides, and even above you, crafting a three-dimensional auditory landscape that breathes life into your movies and video games. You can opt for concealed in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers, elegant floor-standing speakers, or a blend of these options to create an audio environment that is expertly installed and precisely calibrated, ensuring you hear every sound just as the director intended.

Acoustic Adjustments​

In achieving rich, impeccably balanced sound, speakers alone are not enough. Strategically positioned acoustic treatments play a pivotal role in crafting the perfect auditory environment within your personal cinema. By integrating precisely measured acoustic treatments and panels that strike the right balance between sound absorption and diffusion, you can prevent undesirable distortions, flat audio, and muffled frequencies, resulting in crystal-clear sound. 

Quality Theater Seats

Your home theater is a sanctuary for you and your family, offering endless hours of entertainment. That’s why selecting the perfect seating is essential. Our premium home theater seating is crafted to provide not only unparalleled comfort but also to optimize the viewing experience for all. Explore our diverse selection of leather recliners, plush options, modular sectionals, and more, all ergonomically designed to offer comprehensive support from head to toe. 

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