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Are you looking to enhance your home entertainment experience? Look no further than our premier home theater services in Atlanta, GA. From custom installation to home automation systems, we provide a range of solutions to transform your space into a smart theater.

What Services Do We Offer For Your Home Theater Needs?

Our expert team specializes in the installation of home theater systems tailored to your preferences. We also offer custom home theater design options to create the theater of your dreams. Additionally, we ensure seamless integration with smart home technology for added convenience.

Home Theater Design

Indulge in the most advanced video and audio equipment, promising unparalleled quality. With effortless command over the room’s technology, create an experience that surpasses what you’d find at your neighborhood cinema.

Smart Home Automation

Experience a seamless, smart home automation lifestyle powered by cutting-edge technology, encompassing lighting, security, entertainment, and more. With the convenience of instant access, you can control your smart home from any room or anywhere in the world, all at your fingertips.

Lighting and Shading

Craft a refined home lighting arrangement with intuitive control, capable of setting the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Elevate your interior design with motorized shades, personalized keypads, and thoughtfully selected presets.

Audio Video Solutions

Achieve an optimal balance between convenience, performance, and aesthetics through the implementation of smart home automation. With a straightforward button press, you can effortlessly broadcast your favorite music through a network of strategically positioned speakers across your property.

How can our home automation systems enhance your theater experience?

Our home automation systems allow for convenient control of your theater devices, enabling you to adjust settings effortlessly. Experience automated lighting and sound configurations for the perfect movie night, along with integration with streaming services for quick access to your favorite content.

What are the key features of our home theater system in Atlanta?

Our systems boast high-quality audio and visual components, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. They seamlessly integrate with other home technology, offering customizable options to fit your space and preferences perfectly.

How to get started with upgrading your home theater in Atlanta today?

Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your home theater needs. Explore the latest theater systems we offer in Atlanta, GA, and let us help you transform your home into a smart theater with our expert solutions.

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Transform your home entertainment experience into something truly extraordinary. At Callaway Home Theater, we’re dedicated to turning your dreams of paradise right in your living room or dedicated theater room into reality. It’s time to immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals and crystal-clear audio. Don’t wait any longer to create the home theater of your dreams. Contact us today and let’s make your entertainment dreams a reality.

Why Choose our Home Theater Installation Experts in Atlanta?

At Callaway Home Theater, home theater installation experts, we have the experience and expertise to transform your new home into a state-of-the-art smart home automation paradise. Whether you're looking to create a dedicated media room or upgrade your lighting control system, our installation team can design and install a system that meets your needs. For homeowners in the Atlanta metro area, we offer a range of services, including designing and installing home theater systems for the last 10 years. Using Control4 home automation systems, we can create a seamless entertainment experience with high-performance surround sound and one-touch control of your entire home. When building a new home, we can work closely with your architect and builder to integrate the latest home automation systems into the design. Our expert theater installation team can help you bring the magic of the theater to make movies into your home, with custom solutions tailored to your space and budget. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer in Atlanta and how we can elevate your entertainment experience. With years of experience in the home theater market in Atlanta, our technicians are equipped to deliver top-rated customer service and satisfaction. When you choose our team, you can expect knowledgeable professionals who guarantee a seamless installation process.

Personalized Design

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Our dedication to excellence extends through every stage of each project.


We prioritize your needs by maintaining open communication with you at every project milestone.

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Trained Techs

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Our team's expertise guarantees that we consistently surpass our clients' expectations.

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Home Theater and Automation Services We Offer In Atlanta, GA

At Callaway Home Theater, we specialize in transforming your home entertainment and automation experience with our comprehensive range of services we offer in Atlanta, GA. Our home automation systems we offer one-touch controls that allow you to manage everything from lighting and climate to security and entertainment with the touch of a button. With our Control4 systems, you can start enjoying smart home automation that is both easy to use and reliable.

Home Theater Design and Installation

Our installation experts provide top-notch home theater design and installation services, tailoring each project to meet your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re building a new home or working with an existing space, our theater installation team can design and implement the theater of your dreams, delivering a state of the art surround sound system specifically tailored to your needs.

Home Theater Maintenance and Service

To ensure your home theater system continues to perform at its best, we offer comprehensive maintenance and service plans. Our team is equipped to handle everything from routine check-ups to complex repairs, ensuring your system remains in peak condition. We strive to make our systems easy to use and reliable.

In addition to these services, we offer automated lighting control to enhance your home’s ambiance and energy efficiency, as well as high performance surround sound systems to bring high-fidelity sound to every room. Trust Callaway Home Theater to elevate your home entertainment and automation experience in Atlanta, GA. Our custom home theaters are designed to create an amazing cinematic experience that makes movies as life-like as possible.

Media Room Design and Installation

If you don’t have a dedicated theater room, our media room solutions provide an excellent alternative. We work closely with you to design a media room that meets your specific needs, ensuring high performance surround sound and seamless integration with your home automation systems. Our custom installation process ensures a smooth installation that meets your home’s unique requirements.

At Callaway Home Theater, we’re proud to serve the greater metro-Atlanta area, including Buckhead. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home audio system or create a premier home theater, our team is here to help. We offer the very best in home theater and automation services in Atlanta, GA. Contact us today to begin your journey towards the ultimate home entertainment experience.


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