For all the movie lovers out there, you know that the best movies are the ones you watch in the cinema.

What if you had the opportunity to have your own personal cinema, your own home theater that you could attend any time you like? Would that fulfil a life-long dream of yours?

If your answer is yes and you have the finances to create such a beautiful thing, hiring the right interior architects and designers could provide you with a home theater to truly marvel at.




To give you a breath-taking idea of the limitless home theater options currently existing today, let us begin our journey!

  • The Bat cave Home Theater!

This remarkable recreation of the bat cave from the movie Batman is an absolute work of art!

Since the introduction of the Dark Knight Batman franchise, so many changes have been added and morphed in the previous bat cave home theater prototype to suit the continuing Batman developments!

With an estimated cost range of around $2.5 million, the home theater holds a jaw-dropping amount of realistic Batman movie items, details, and background décor features. To add to the Batman feel, simply pulling upon a life-size Shakespeare statue besides a mahogany bookcase causes the bookcase to slide open revealing a full, life-sized actual Batmobile alongside a real ‘escape tunnel’!




In addition to the screen cover consisting completely of metal, the screen is revealed by the screen cover sliding open! Keeping the background features Batman-orientated, this home theater example gives a true Gotham City feel with the hanging lanterns and the batman suit!

If this view was not enough, the picture below portrays a rear photo of the truly immersive Batcave Home Theater!




The bookcase in the picture above and the picture below are one and the same!

Whether you are a Batman fan or not, this home theater design – though ridiculously expensive – will without a doubt make you a fan!

  • The Death Star Home Theater!

Yes, you read that correctly: the Death Star.

Resembling the control deck of the Death Star, this home theater comes to you from a galaxy far, far away!

Designed by the lead designer of Star Wars Episode I and II, Doug Chiang, this innovation creation is more than a dream for any Star Wars fan boy/girl!

Hidden behind the carbonite replica of Han Solo in the background of this picture below is a stash of DVD’s, a selection that certainly must contain every Star Wars film!




During the introductory interview with the Chiang, it was announced that the lobby would have a raised floor alongside a lowered ceiled to create the feel of the Death Star’s gangplanks. Taking the Death Star theme even further, they added mirrors to the floors and ceiling to reflect all the walls. With this addition, the lobby walls appear to go on forever!




To give you a feel of the screen and the front of the theater, the picture below will bless your eyes with an out of this worldly sight!




Another amazing feature of this Death Star home theater is the supplementing of automatic pocket doors that lead to the theater. More like the doors from Star Trek rather than Star Wars, these doors operate quietly and mimic the exact sound of the automated doors featured in the Enterprise in Star Trek!

With that addition, we shall move on to the most obvious home theater design to place in the number three slot in the list: Star Trek!

  • The Star Trek TNG Home Theater!

A dream within a dream, it can be said that almost all Star Trek fans and super-geeks would be guaranteed to faint at the sight of this superb Star Trek-themed home theater, which replicates the core visuals and effects that Star Trek lovers would expect to see.




This home theater model, inspired by the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation, features the perfected sound effects of the Star Trek series each time you transverse through the realistic motion-activated air-lock home theater doors!

Impressed? I haven’t even got started!

Located on the Crestron TPMC-10 controller in the top half of the theater, a ‘red alert’ button can be activated to turn all LEDs throughout the theater to a bright red color and causes them to flash continuously. Also, incorporating one of the world largest hard-drive storage systems ever made, the eight servers hold 3,816 DVDs!

This is a view of the screen, looking down passed the controller table featuring the ‘red alert’ button.




This home theater in particular prides itself with its perfectly tailored additions such as walking out from the home theater. The Star Trek Home Theater experience seemingly never ends.

Outside of the theater, you would find a Star Trek bar and lounge as portrayed in the pictures just below. Featuring enough Star Trek replications to make the Enterprise jealous, this Star Trek home theater surpasses any similar trek home theater available to date!




  • The Stargate Atlantis Home Theater!

Fan boy? Definitely!

Jacob Yarmuth built his own custom-made Stargate Atlantis theme, state-of-the-art home theater designed for a whopping $70,000.

Featuring a 96-inch digital screen, a Stargate themed ceiling and the Stargate Atlantis portal-style entryway, Jacob may not have been the biggest Stargate fan, but he surely put many of the others to shame when he built such an amazing construction!




The ceiling features a starscape effect that portrays comets going through the sky every few minutes. If that feature was amazing enough, there are custom-made air pocket doors fitted with motion sensors to make it an unforgettable experience every time you enter and leave.

Including two Sony ‘megachangers’ that hold about 800 DVD’s, a 7-channel surround sound system, THX speakers and a vast number of other technically baffling aspects, the movies watched in this home theater will immerse you into the Stargate series the same way that the cinema immerses you into your favorite movie!

The picture below portrays the rear view of the Stargate Atlantis home theater and all its marvellous light installation effects.




Having seen how the screen and front of the home theater looks when in use, here is a picture of it just before being set up:




Without all the lighting effects and starscapes, it still looks like every feature came straight off of the Stargate Atlantis set and became converted into the ideal Stargate home theater!

Unlike many of the other home theaters, this one in particular featured many pictures showing how one might enter the lair of Atlantis heading through from what seems to be the kitchen!




This magnificent $70k creation provides that lucky household with an incredibly detailed masterpiece. Deserving of a place on the list without a doubt, anyone would gladly enjoy spending their time in this remarkable themed home theater!

  • The Au Paris Home Theater!

This utterly breath-taking, beautiful Paris-themed home theater provides a theater environment that you’ll never want to leave.

To begin with, the ceiling is the first thing you will probably notice as it features an eye-catching pattern that you can’t get your eyes away from!




Glossy and luxurious, this home theater includes an appealing backdrop whichever direction you look and looks even better when the lights are dimmed as show below!

As the lights from the rear of the home theater bound off of the glossy ceiling décor, the lights gently bounce around the room, giving an ambience of light so to speak. Paris themed, the picture behind the chairs portrays one of Paris’ beautiful monuments.




As for the home theater screen, it is surrounded by well-placed lantern-like décor, which actually draws more attention to the screen. Perfect for a romantic cinema trip a few times a week, this Paris home theater provides the perfect getaway from the kids without having to leave the home!




The pictures just above show the sheer size of the screen and the extent to which the Paris-themed décor really sets the mood!

Designed by Donny Hackett, he has had an obsession with the innovation design ideas and front projection systems that inhabit all home theaters. Using his passion and his 25 years of experience in home décor and drapery design, Hackett provides some of the best home theaters nationwide with prices beginning at just $45k.

Beautifully created and exquisite in every way, the Paris themed home theater grabs the fifth spot.

  • The Starfleet Bridge Star Trek Home Theater!

Similar to the previous Star Trek home theater, but focusing its design on the Starfleet Bridge, this home theater creation provides owners with the opportunity to sit in the Captain’s chair as the home theater system warps through time!

This beautiful combination of formation and functionality creates an atmosphere that any and every Star Trek fan would pay top dollar to just visit!

To show you just how well laid out this Starfleet Bridge is, the picture below portrays the well organized seating arrangement alongside the background, which features all the monitors and computer screens seen in the series.




Accompanied by the addition of the typical, yet highly immersive motorized sliding Star Trek doors, even the Klingons would not want to fire upon such a beautiful formulated captain’s deck!




As shown in the picture above, the ceiling is also very Star Trek themed and would certainly look amazing when the lights are dimmed down! The screen is not a vast or wide as other home theater rooms, but who needs a huge screen when the visual replication of the series will be observed around the room more than the movie or series would be watched!




This picture shows the head of the middle, Captain’s chair with visuals on the rear of the home theater, which consists of the bridge’s controller deck. If any Borg attack, you know where to find the firepower when retaliating!

Similar, yet different to the previous Star Trek home theater, this Star Trek themed home theater holds its feet steadily in sixth place on the list!

  • The Extravagant Titanic Home Theater!

This beauty features more detail, décor, and attention to detail than I have seen through all the home theaters so far. It just does not reach the galactic levels that the previous have reached.

The picture below displays a set up that just make you feel comfortable without having to actually be there!

With a beautifully decorated ceiling pattern and a seating set up that you could sink into, I shall continue to reel off the vast amounts of lengths Donny Hackett has gone to, to create this tranquil paradise.




The screen may not be remarkably wide and the room may be somewhat small, but where this home theater shines is when you walk outside. Just outside of the screen room is a space that somewhat presents a lounge room that contains a television, bookcases, an electric fireplace, and a coffee table in the middle of the room for candles, books and, of course, coffee for all those movie marathons!




Viewing the same room from a different angle, you can see that the room also features a bar to the left, a Titanic-themed, olden-day feel and more chairs than you will ever have people round to fill them!




The addition of the candelabra hanging from the ceiling, the lights hanging above the bar and the lampshades would certainly make the room a sight to behold when the room darkens.




As you can see from the picture above, the home theater can be reached through the door on the right just beside the cabinet of guns! Yes, guns!

Beautifully detailed and reaching depths that many home theaters could not, the Titanic themed home theater reserves the final spot on the list.


Home theaters have to be added to every bucket list!

I hope you have enjoyed the display of innovation and design at its best and that, using all the knowledge gained from the featured home theater examples, you too can design and build your dream cinema in your own home!