Home AutomationAs the year draws to an end and the holidays are fast approaching, Callaway Home Theater has some suggestions for your Atlanta area home that might help make your days merry and bright!  Whether you’re the Clark Griswold on your block who’s always looking to add more to your holiday décor, or the movie buff who loves to watch all of the holiday classics, Callaway offers the perfect home automation solutions for the holidays.

While the possibilities are endless, here are three ideas that might get your creative juices flowing and your holiday spirit humming:

  • Use lighting controls to add something special to your home:
    2016_DealerLogoSquare_HighRes_RGB_GoldEnjoying time with your family and friends over a meal or a hot cup of coffee is what makes the holidays so special.   To help set the mood, Callaway offers Control4 smart lighting controls.  Using these controls can dim the lights in your home with touch of the button.  Additionally, your Christmas lights can be automated.  To add some color to your seasonal displays, use Phillips HUE smart light bulbs. They can emit all the colors of the rainbow and tie into your Control4 system.  Using smart home automation to light your home will not only save you money, but will provide you with the enjoyment of picking new light combinations for your home. A subtle orange can be chosen for Thanksgiving, and then red and green for Christmas.
  • Enjoy your favorite holiday music with your whole house music system:
    Christmas music really has a way of filling you with the holiday spirit.  With your whole house music system, you can permeate your home with the sounds of Christmas cheer. And with smart controls, you have the option to listen to the same music all over the house or play different songs in different rooms.  Smart home options allow you to enjoy your favorite playlist or select a source like Pandora or TIDAL, and then choose which type of music you’d like to hear.
  • Watch your favorite holiday movies or your favorite football team in a home theater:
    Nothing says Christmas like watching Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life or Bing Crosby in White Christmas.  Whether you’re looking forward to enjoying the holiday classics with your family or football playoffs with your best buds, the top item on your Christmas list should be a home theater designed by Callaway Home Theater.  And with smart home automation, all you need to do is hit one button on your Control4 touch screen to set the perfect environment for your viewing pleasure. The best way to enjoy yourself this holiday season is to take advantage of all the conveniences of having a smart home—and of course some cookies and egg nog.

Don’t let the holidays pass you by without talking with Callaway Home Theater about making your home a smart home full of holiday cheer.  You will be glad you did! Happy Holidays!