modern-interior-design-stylesThese days there’s a DIY expert on every corner with degrees from Pinterest Academy and YouTube University.  However there are some home improvement projects that should be left to the experts.  Designing and installing a home theater is one of those projects.  Below are three good reasons to call the professionals at Callaway Home Theater to help you develop the perfect home theater for you and your family.

  1. Proper Placement:

When designing a home theater, comfort is most homeowners’ first priority, but lighting and sound quality must also be considered.  Poor window placement can have a negative impact on picture quality by allowing too much light to hit your screen. Insulation in your walls and ceiling can affect the sound quality and balance, making your favorite movies and programs hard to understand.  A professional home theater installer will choose the best room in your home, as well as the best location for each piece of equipment, so you can have the most comfortable experience possible.


  1. Getting the most for your money:

A home theater professional can provide expert advice and direction in finding a range of premium equipment that will give you the best quality sound and picture without killing your budget. Choosing the right size screen and the ideal number of speakers for your room can be a difficult decision.  The home theater professionals at Callaway Home Theater can are available to help you in selecting pieces of equipment that will work together to bring your family and friends the most enjoyable entertainment experience.


  1. Integrating your equipment:

Installing your home theater is just the beginning. Your setup also needs to look great and be integrated into your home’s design. While many of the latest home theater components are wireless, some do need to be plugged in. Your installer will be able to minimize the appearance of wires and cables to give your media room a more polished look.