Callaway Home Theater is one of Atlanta’s premier wiring contractors. With more than 20 years of experience with electronic installation and service, our team has the expertise to outfit your home with any electricity or wiring components.


What Is Structured Wiring?

This service simply refers to a process of installing the “electronic foundation” for your home or business, connecting you to cable TV, high speed internet, and telephone networks. If you’re having difficulty running cables through the walls of your home, our techniques can get the job done quickly and safely.


Cord Management

Unorganized HDMI and audio cables can be an eyesore. Our  solutions hide these cords inside the walls of your home, eliminating these unsightly cables from plain view.


Multi-Room Installation

Our technicians can run wires to any desired room of your home. This cable bundle includes a pair of Cat5 cables (Ethernet), two coax cables (cable TV), and an optional pair of fiber optic cables.

For more information about structured wiring systems in your room, call the experts at Callaway Home Theater at 770-569-9897.