Roswell, Georgia.  A beautiful suburb of the capital city with a rich history and deep southern roots.  What is now a bustling city all started in the 1830’s with one man, Roswell King’s, idea to combine cotton production and cotton processing at the same location. With the advent of a cotton mill and a couple of friends to invest in his ideas, the community we now know as Roswell was born.

Roswell was founded on an adventurous and pioneering spirit and it is that same spirit that has sustained the community all these years.  From the devastation of the Civil War to the destitution of the Great Depression, Roswell has remained.  Today, Roswell stands as crossroads of where history and progress meet.  The city continues to grow and change all while continuing to preserve the history that is its identity.

Coming alongside the city of Roswell with that same pioneering and innovative spirit is Callaway Home Theater.  A family-owned and operated business, Callway, Inc. has been Metro-Atlanta’s leading home theater and home automation installation experts for many years.  Our goal is to offer our customers the very latest technology on the market while maintaining a one on one relationship with our clients.  Understanding your needs and what fits your lifestyle is of utmost importance to us as we work to design a system that’s perfect for your home.

Smart Home Roswell GaSmart home technology or home automation has been called one of the most significant advances in home building and design in Atlanta and the surrounding areas for the past few years. With this technology, Callaway’s clients can wirelessly operate in-home functions like temperature, security systems, sprinklers, lighting, and audio. We aren’t quite the Jetsons yet, but the technology is available to be able to open the garage door or cool down your living space with a simple click on your smartphone.

This technology puts house control in the palm of your hand. Whether looking for that lost remote again or wanting to control your home’s lighting and temperature while you’re on vacation, today’s home automation advancements make controlling the functions of your home a breeze.  Callaway Home Theater can design your home so that you can even pre-heat your oven or turn on the sprinklers from your smartphone.

Don’t wait another day to automate your home or design the home theater you always wanted.  With over 20 years of experience, the experts at Callaway Home Theater are ready to help you. Our expertise doesn’t stop with the design and installation we are also available at any time to help correct any problems you might have along the way.  Our customer service is second to none so call on us today and let’s get started on your home today!