Home automation, also known as “smart home technology,” has been called one of the biggest innovations in house building and design in Atlanta and the surrounding areas for the past few years. This technology refers to easy-to-use devices that allow you to wirelessly operate in-home functions like temperature, security systems, sprinklers, lighting, and audio. Imagine being able to turn on the fan, open the garage door, or cool down your living space with a simple click on your smartphone.

This technology puts house control in the palm of your hand. With more than 20 years of contracting experience, Callaway technicians are Atlanta’s go-to professionals for enabling smart devices throughout the house.



Security Systems

Keep an eye on your residence even when you’re not around. Remotely arm, disarm, and monitor your alarm system from any location. View live camera feeds while you’re away.


Temperature Control

Save money on your power bill by adjusting the climate settings in your living space, even when you’re not there. This includes operating fans and gas-powered fireplaces without having to leave the couch.


Home Entertainment

Another lost TV remote? Home automation puts the power of your entertainment system into any wireless device, like your iPhone or Android. Easily turn change the channel, listen to music, or see what your kids are watching – anywhere, anytime.



Remotely operate your home’s lighting system while you are away at work or on vacation with our advanced  technology. Program a lighting schedule based on certain times or days of the week, or simply tap the “on” button on your phone.


Other Features

Our systems give your home the ability to perform dozens of useful functions. Lock your front door, turn on your  sprinkler system, and preheat your oven, all from your smartphone. The possibilities for automating your home are endless.