How Home Theater Systems Have Advanced

Home theater systems have a recent history of rapid advancement, but the predecessors behind the technology stretch back to the middle of the 20th century. Learn how they got their start and how fast they are changing with this brief history of the home theater and an overview of what home theater systems can offer [...]

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Home Automation for the Holidays

As the year draws to an end and the holidays are fast approaching, Callaway Home Theater has some suggestions for your Atlanta area home that might help make your days merry and bright!  Whether you’re the Clark Griswold on your block who’s always looking to add more to your holiday décor, or the movie buff who [...]

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Three Reasons to Hire a Home Theater Professional

These days there’s a DIY expert on every corner with degrees from Pinterest Academy and YouTube University.  However there are some home improvement projects that should be left to the experts.  Designing and installing a home theater is one of those projects.  Below are three good reasons to call the professionals at Callaway Home Theater [...]

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The Best of Home Theaters: Putting You In The Movie

For all the movie lovers out there, you know that the best movies are the ones you watch in the cinema. What if you had the opportunity to have your own personal cinema, your own home theater that you could attend any time you like? Would that fulfil a life-long dream of yours? If your [...]

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The 25 Most Amazing Home Theater Systems

These are, hands down, the 25 most amazing home theater systems Dear callawayhometheater, I’ve been hearing a lot about home theater systems. I’ve heard they’re really cool, and they can create a movie theater experience at home. Could you tell me what are the most amazing home theater systems you’ve ever seen and can you, [...]

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The New Control4 Experience

A new kind of experience is available in home automation devices - OS 2.7 technology in Control4 home devices. With enhanced capabilities, your home becomes more manageable with just a touch of a button. With the announcement of the technological upgrade, which was scheduled for March 24th, new products made their debut – such as [...]

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