2016_DealerLogoSquare_HighRes_RGB_GoldWhat better time to design the perfect smart home than when you’re building a new home for your family?  Building a new home is an exciting time.  Every decision from where to run the electricity to the color of paint in the hallway has to be made.  If you are interested in whole home automation, then you know that some of the most important decisions you will make involve deciding about where all of the technology will go! Making the right choices for your home can end up saving you much time and money in the long run.  Having the opportunity to create the hardwired infrastructure that will support all of your family’s technology is one you should take advantage of in the initial stages of building your new home.

Knowing where to start in designing your smart home can be overwhelming.  Calling on an expert like Callaway Home Theater who has been designing smart homes using Control4 products for years is a great place to begin.  Control4, a leader in the smart home automation industry, also has some advice on the three main areas you might want to consider when building your new home:

Smart Lighting

When building a new home, Control4 gives you the ability to install a centralized lighting system. Think of it as an electrical panel specifically dedicated to just your whole-home lighting. Centralized lighting allows you to move your lighting controls elsewhere, like a closet or a utility room, allowing you to replace banks of multiple switches with stylish and elegant keypads.

Multi-Room Audio

Listening to your favorite music throughout the home is a wonderful experience for everyone in the family to enjoy. When building your home you have the option of adding 2-channel audio for music in bedrooms, eating areas, and multi-purpose rooms, or even 5 or 7-channel audio for watching movies in the family room or media room. This allows you to install discrete speakers of your favorite brand without unnecessary clutter and also gives you the ability to drastically reduce the amount of equipment needed in each of the rooms you want to have audio in. With a Control4 multi-room audio system, you have one centralized multi-channel amplifier and audio switch that does all the heavy lifting while tucked away in an area of your choosing. The result: seamless and spacious sound filled in every room your family wants.


One of the most overlooked integrations in the smart home is security solutions.  Installing a security system during a new home build with Control4 allows all of your security zones and interior/exterior cameras to be integrated and hardwired back to a centralized system that has a redundant power supply and recording features. When done this way you can easily integrate all of these features with your Control4 home automation, so you can trigger security events and actions from any device of your choice, be it an In-Wall Touch Screen, Tabletop Touch Screen, iOS or Android mobile device, In-Wall Keypad etc.  The result is a home security system that is that is smart and given you peace of mind.  Additionally, this type of system is installed for maximum discretion and awareness so that if something unplanned ever does happen, you can be alerted immediately and capture what happened.

For more information about whole home automation or building a new smart home with Control4 products, contact Callaway Home Theater today and let our experts get to work on designing the perfect home for your family.