dream home with home theaterWe all have an idea of our perfect home—a lavish place we tend to visit mentally when we are letting our minds wander and reflecting on our favorite dreams.

The good news is that some of the features of our ideal living spaces might be more viable than we initially thought. Here are 5 features you and your home would love to have that might actually be within your reach.

  1. A Pool
    Whether you live in warmer climates all year round, or only have the option for summertime fun, a pool is a desirable addition to your home. If you have the space in your yard, you might be able to find something within budget. To avoid breaking the bank, look for an above-ground pool and consider building a wraparound deck.
  2. An Open Kitchen
    Kitchens with open layouts are becoming increasingly popular, likely because we tend to entertain more in our kitchens these days than in dining rooms. Not to mention, there’s something particularly appealing about the idea of cooking in a spacious area with plenty of countertops and room to move around. Do you have a dining room that you only go in on special occasions? An affordable option is to knock down the dividing wall to create one large, dreamy space for your kitchen.
  3. A Home Theater
    With an increase in costs at movie theaters in the past few years, home theater systems are becoming more and more popular. After the initial investment, you save on the costs of tickets and ridiculously overpriced concessions. Not to mention, there’s nothing more comfortable and convenient than going to the movies in your very own home. With advancements in technology, creating the perfect home theater has become more affordable than ever before. Get in touch with Callaway Home Theater to learn how to purchase the viewing system you have only ever allowed yourself to dream about!
  4. A Finished Basement
    Have you ever gone into a home that has made the most of its basement? We are talking games, comfy seating and maybe even a bar for entertaining. Get quotes from experts to see how much finishing your basement would cost you—even if it is more than you would like, remember that it will pay off in the long-run by increasing the value of your house. Moreover, maybe you could even make this renovated space your new theater’s home!
  5. A Gorgeous View
    All right, so maybe this one is a little harder to manufacture if you already own a home. However, if you are looking, consider how much a beautiful view would positively affect your day-to-day life and then decide if it is worth investing in. If you are already a homeowner, think about ways you can improve your views. Maybe plant vegetation to block unpleasant sites, or cut down trees to open your yard up to lovely, natural scenery. Talk to a landscaper about gardening and design, or do your own research online or with magazines. Get creative, get down to business and get your dream home!