home theaterAugust in Georgia can only mean one thing…football is right around the corner.  Here in the South, we particularly love college football.  Soccer is great, baseball is America’s favorite past-time and basketball always gives us something to look forward to after football season.  But there’s just something about those few short months in the fall when Saturday activities cease in the name of football.

At Callaway Home Theater, we understand football, and we understand what it takes to design and install the perfect home theater so that you are ready for the big game. If you are in the market for a new home theater or looking to make some updates, here are some of the latest trends you might want to consider:

High Definition TVs

The latest and greatest televisions on the market are 4K TVs.  4K TVs look spectacular, due to the fact these televisions deliver four times the resolution of 1080p HD TV. There’s so much detail in the picture it’s almost like being there at the big game.

Along with 4K, you might also want to familiarize yourself with the term “high dynamic range” (HDR).  TVs with HDR reproduce a wider range of brightness levels than conventional video, bringing greater color and contrast to the 4K screen. Not all 4K TVs offer HDR, but it’s a worthwhile feature to look for.

Ultimate Remotes

For years, an aptly named universal remote was the device we all wanted to replace the coffee table full of remotes that controlled all of our necessary devices. Today’s universal remotes are not only easier to program, but they can perform multiple functions with the push of a button.  With today’s remotes, one button can turn on multiple components, switch inputs, press play, etc.   In addition, many of today’s remotes can also control other devices in your home, such as LED lights, drapes, Wi-Fi thermostat, video surveillance cameras, smart deadbolts, multi-room audio solutions, and more.  Through Callaway’s whole home automation, a smartphone or tablet app that can be used as a control center, often with the addition of a small hub placed in the home.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are not new, but they do seem to be getting smarter.  Of course you know a Wi-Fi-enabled Smart TV lets you access online content on your big-screen, such as video streaming services, social media, music services, or on-demand news, weather, sports scores, stock quotes, and other personalized information.

With the newer technology, you can also expect faster performance due to a more powerful processor and faster Wi-Fi.  Some smart TVs come with a voice-based interface (say what you want to access into your remote’s microphone) and offer interactive games to play without a console.  Content from your smart phone or tablet can also be transmitted wirelessly to your big-screen smart TV.

Call on Callaway Home Theater today so that we can help you get started designing the perfect home theater for you.  Your football watching, tailgating buddies will be glad you did!