As home automation becomes more and more popular, thousands of homeowners are opting for automated temperature controls. Our in-home climate solutions give you the power to operate your home’s thermostat from the Internet or any smartphone device.

With a decade of experience, our skilled engineers are certified to install dozens of and Control4 products. Installation is easy, and within the same day you’ll be able to control the temperature of your home from anywhere inside or outside.


Energy Efficiency

Our systems offer homeowners much more than convenience. Our thermostat solutions increase energy efficiency and decrease the costs of heating and cooling your home. Our systems will keep your home more energy efficient while you are out, and can easily be programmed to automatically adjust to more comfortable levels by the time you get home.



Automated temperature controls should meet two qualifications. First, they should be easy to use. Second, you should be able to operate them from anywhere and at any time. At Callaway Home Theater, we make sure that every installation meets both of these standards. With a simple smartphone or Internet access, we make changing your home’s climate accessible and carefree.



Like any heating and air conditioning system, a single thermostat can operate a number of rooms. Our temperature control solutions will give you to ability to operate all of them from a single source.