Wireless lighting control is one of the most popular automation systems in new and existing homes. Without changing any of your existing fixtures, Callaway Home Theater can boost your home’s energy efficiency, convenience, and security.

Though this technology isn’t new, only recently have companies like Control4 perfected it. As a licensed dealer of these products, our team of trained technicians has the expertise to complete any homeowner’s dreams.

As home theater experts, we understand the importance of lighting. It can make or break an entire entertainment experience, but, more importantly, lighting is a central part of any room. Automated lighting controls give you the ultimate power over the ambiance and style of your home.



From a wireless remote or even a mobile app, you can adjust the settings of your lights for any room of your house from anywhere in the world.


Energy Efficiency

Forget to turn off the lights before you left the house? No need to worry, with automatic lighting. You can easily see which lights are currently on and cut down on your monthly power bills. There are power-saving options to dim or turn off lights when rooms are unoccupied.


Lighting Modes

With the simple tap of a button, your home’s lights can be transformed into entertainment mode, nighttime mode, and vacation mode. You can also use motion detectors to automatically illuminate hallways or closets.


For more information about this easy-to-use home automation technology, call one of our lighting experts at Callaway Home Theater.